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Mobile phones surpass PC’s in Sales



Mobile phones have come a long way from the 5lb brick, ‘stupid’ phones we used to keep in our cars for emergency calls.  There was a time that I hesitated to own a mobile phone because I wasn’t sure that I wanted the extra hassle, or the extra monthly expense.  However, today mobile phones are so small, light and inexpensive that 9-year old kids carry them to and from school.  They have become necessary for everyday living.  Smartphones have changed the way we use phones, internet, radio and tv.  In addition, mobile advertising will continue to be a merging opportunity as apps and audiences grow.


Big tech news last week released Friday by an industry research firm called Canalys, there were more than 158 million smartphones shipped in the fourth quarter of last year.  That’s a 57 percent increase over the same quarter in 2010. For the entire year, smartphones were up 63 percent, to 487.7 million units.  http://www.newsfactor.com/story.xhtml?story_id=82045&full_skip=1  Mobile phones have surpased PC’s in sales. Apple is now the 3rd biggest phone maker, thanks to the iPhone.  Although smartphone sales are growing, it’s interesting that  mostof the phones purchased are still ‘feature’ phones.  (Their appeal still exists on the basis of price and ease of use.) Smartphone or not, it appears that problems with phone reception will always be present.

The point of matter right now is which one to choose when both are good and both are bad.  The difference between smartphones and small tablets is becoming less distinct, yet I still prefer word processing and research to be done on a PC and for my mobile phone to be ‘mobile.’  Some will argue that they can do the same thing but I disagree.  To me, their purpose and ease of use is very different.  I expect to be able to carry a mobile phone in my purse or briefcase without it being cumbersome or too heavy.  (Once we start talking about iPads that changes.)  When I’m on a PC I want a large monitor and the ability to easily navigate between programs and tasks.  Good news for the manufacturer though;  smartphones have become necessary. (Gotta’ have one)  Tablet PC’s are the new luxury.  This shift has changed the way we communicate on a daily basis and the reason why mobile phone sales continue to grow.


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