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Consultants, Contractors, Who’s on Your Team?

networking picAt least you can take comfort in the fact that your team has your back, right?  Not always.

Team Players.  Having the right people in place is critical to your business success.   Just because someone has been employed at your company for ten plus years doesn’t make them a star employee.   There should be a motivational relationship between your business success, and the rewards/success of each team player.  However, it’s impossible to be responsible for all of the motivation behind each team member.  A good employee will have a deep sense of obligation to work hard, no matter what the circumstances.  If they become too comfortable, lazy, or unmotivated, there are plenty of eager and hard-working people ready to take their place!

Consultants and Contractors. The next question is, “should you hire a new employee or contract out for services?”  There are a lot of advantages to hiring a professional contractor or consultant.

  • Reduce overhead. Reducing expenses is a real attraction to hiring an independent contractor or consultant.  Lower overhead means less stress to cover costs.  New business can go right into your wallet and ensure the future success of your company.
  • No health benefits are necessary.  According to the EBRI, employers traditionally spend just over 29 percent on employee benefits.
  • Cost control.  With more employees, your office will probably have to move to a bigger space, but more office equipment, etc.  Not so with a contractor or consultant.   Another method of cost control would include scaling back on spending during seasonal or slow periods.  Basically, you’ll have the ability to take on opportunities as they arise.
  • Highly specialized.  Many consultants and contractors come trained and highly specialized, giving your company a leading edge towards greater profitability.  No successful business works in a vacuum.  Hiring an independent consultant or contractor offers flexibility to the changing work demands of your company, as well as the changing demands of the marketplace.
  • Require less management.  As your employee numbers grow, you become less involved in practicing your trade and more involved in people management issues.  THIS IS A BIG ONE!  You have to worry about worker-related lawsuits, putting out fires and ensuring that everyone is doing what they are supposed to be.  Independents and contractors are self-employed.  Due to the fact that they are more motivated and accountable, they require far less management, if any.
  • Well-networked and well-informed. Many consultants and contractors come well-networked to freelance experts, sales reps and business professionals of all sorts.  In order to remain relevant, they have to stay on top of trends, continue training and make sure they remain well-informed.

To find a good contractor or consultant, ask around.  Some of the best referrals will be from people you already know and respect.

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