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All Things Google: Places for Business


Every business should make it a priority to establish a Google Business Places Account.  Use a shared business email account for setup, versus setting up under a personal G+ account.   This way, multiple users can update your business listing.  Be sure your within Google Quality Guidelines.

Verify your business.  After creating a business places page, be sure to verify your business.  Doing this will allow you to have some control over the content, and also allow your business to appear on Google.com, Google Maps, and other Google properties.   Verify your business information.  Verifying is painless, and can be done by phone or mailed postcard.

Google merges all products together.  Like Magic, Google inextricably intertwines the business places listing with the social pages.  This includes Google+ Pages, YouTube, Blogger, and a variety of other applications.

Business Dashboard.  The dashboard is where business owners can manage and make edits to their business listing.  (The business dashboard is much more user-friendly than Google+.)  You can add and remove managers, and determine what capabilities each user should have.  For the benefit of search results, it’s good practice to login at least once a month or so and “save,” even if you don’t make any changes.  You’ll find that the dashboard also has good information regarding how customers find your business, and easy access to purchasing AdWords.  However, I wouldn’t recommend investing into AdWords PPC campaigns without some training first.   There are an abundance of videos and ‘how to’ tutorials on the web.  Google offers special training and support for agencies, so you may also consider hiring out for this task.

Double Check your setup.  Search for your business and check to see that all information is setup correctly.  If edits are needed, go to your business dashboard.  Also, if you setup Pages for your business, it’s important that you see “local” in the top right corner vs. “profile.”  One more hint:  When looking to see how your business appears on search, clear your browser ‘cookies’ to get a true picture.

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