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Bridge offline and online for customer acquisition

bridge online with offlineHow does your online paid and organic activity effect offline customer acquisition?  How many people purchased in store due to something they were exposed to on their mobile?  How many people were highly influenced by TV ad impressions or a billboard sign off the interstate?  We live in a cross-device, highly impressionable and competitive world.  When it comes to determining sources for new client acquisition and retention, the “full customer journey” is a major force.    

Online Customer “touch points.”  Each customer “touch point,” can be compared to online “steps” which lead to your website, a phone call, or in-store purchase, etc.  Each step or “touch point,” is influential, each building upon the last.  Most potential customers will head to your business website before making a final decision.  Therefore, your online “search-ability” and website are hugely important factors!  (We’re definitely not going to downplay them.)  But at the same time, these “last steps” of the journey are not always the most influential.

Offline Customer Influence.  If done correctly, each offline “impression” can be very influential towards gaining a new customer.  Sometimes intrusive, such as with traditional media advertising, other times delivered in a more subtle manner.  Either way, impressions at the right time, with the right message…tend to stick around and lead to something productive.  There are just as many opportunities to lose a customer as there are to gain one.  Every “impression” and every “touch point,” along the way has influence on the next and impacts the end result. This is why every branding, advertising, and PR effort a business makes must be cohesive, fluid, and impactful both online, and off.  (Cross-Platform)

Customer-Acquisition Measurement Tools.   Set aside customer retention; the “last step” of the customer acquisition journey should lead to a conversion, and ultimately a new customer.   Many measurement tools today can easily show which online “touch point,” including which device led to that conversion. (Phone, website, etc.)  However, the “cross-platform” attribution from offline influence is slightly more complicated.  While tackling data from different levels, be mindful that the combination of impressions and touchpoints are what lead to a conversion.  Although the “last step” may be clearly visible; also look for a spike in general website traffic, spike in new sessions, spike in conversions, obtaining customers from a unique demographic or geographic area, etc.  In order to track offline influence effectively you must have a clear starting point, solid history of measurement, and solid understanding of how to interpret various analytics data.

Google Analytics:  Most universal and useful source of data for website customer acquisition and conversions measurement for a business with a website.  Google currently provides a tremendous amount of free analytics data.  Google Adwords:   If your business does PPC, request the data behind how these ads are working, such as “last click” attributions to your business website.  NOTE:  The online multi “touch point” journey which spans across devices is not currently available, nor is multi-platform for offline influences.  Google Adometry:  This product offers more custom integrations for tracking cross-devices and outlets, outside of your website.  This option comes with a price tag, and possibly more appropriate for large advertising businesses.   However, more ‘real time’ insights pertaining to offline impressions is currently being tested.

The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing develops competitive internet strategies that incorporate the full customer journey.  



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