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A Content Facelift for Your Website

content development for website, content facelift for websiteYou’re business website went live years ago.  Although your goods or services have remained pretty constant, your site is likely to need some content refresh so that search engines crawl the pages most valuable.

Search Engines Crawl Your Website

A search engine is to provide users with search engine results pages, (SERP’s), that are quick and most relevant to the search query.  The popularity, common-sensibility, and user-friendliness of your website all matter.  In order to make their results most relevant, search engines are constantly crawling sites and building indexes of that information.  They crawl your site through submitted sitemaps, previous crawl results, links and traffic.  The number of pages crawled, or how often they are crawled, is not specific.  Therefore, it’s in your best interest to sift through content to ensure you have put your best face forward.

What Pages to Address In Your Mini-Facelift

These are just a few things that you can do to improve the overall quality of your website so that search engines crawl the good stuff.  Remember, search engines only crawl a sample of your website.  (Refer to your Google Search Console and Google Analytics to find problem areas.)

  • Pages that have more HTML than content should be beefed up with more relevant content and links to deeper pages.
  • Pages no longer relevant to your business should be redirected to pages that are.
  • Pages with high bounce rates should be examined to determine if they can be modified or altered to improve.
  • Pages with duplicate content or content related too closely could be merged. (Title tags & meta-data should be unique to each page.)
  • Pages that have too many important keywords, keyword phrases, or concepts on one page make great idea-generators for new, deeper page content. (Do some additional keyword research to support these ideas.)
  • Pages should have clear hierarchy and text links for users.

 Other Content Takeaways from Leaning Tree Marketing

Quality is better than quantity. However, in saying this, it’s never a good idea to delete pages once they are live.  (Do a 301redirect instead.)  Duplicate content is a “no-no.” Keep your site interesting by continuing to post fresh content, even if this means monthly blogs.  Submit sitemaps with Google every time you add valuable pages to your website.  Never forget that your site is for people.  (Visitors/Traffic) The more people show that they like your site, and find what they are looking for….the more Google will notice.


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