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Independent We Stand for Small Business

entrepreneurs change the worldLast month celebrated small business during “National Small Business Week,” an event designed to celebrate the ‘risk-takers’ who make the wheels of the economy turn.  Only a small handful of businesses supported by the SBA, NASA, Dept. of Commerce, Treasury Dept. and other federal agencies were honored.  More than 28 million small businesses employ half of the private sector workforce and create nearly 2 out of every 3 jobs in our economy.  This producing machine of entrepreneurs must continue to thrive in order for our economy to prosper.  But, according to an article from the Kansas City Star, which was also printed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, business start-ups are at their lowest point in 30 years.  “Independent we stand” is an encouraging website dedicated towards promoting advocacy and immediate action to help solve this problem.

Loss of Entrepreneurial Spirit?

It’s interesting, with popular shows like “Shark Tank” on broadcast TV, millions of people may be under the impression that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, but the opposite is true.   Unfortunately, there are more U.S. businesses dying than being born.  Venture capital investment declined considerably in 2008 and 2009, but the problem really became apparent at in 2010.  Since then, the problem has worsened significantly with each sub sequential year.

Recovery from this issue will continue to be postponed until new policies, and support for small business is placed a priority in the United States.  As another small business closes down in my community, this is clearly not a good time to start new businesses, so what can we do?

Support Smindependent we standall Business today! 

Collectively, we can make a difference.  It all starts with appreciating the small businesses that are in your community right now.  Visit sites like “INDIE” search website where you can search for or add new local favorites.  (It’s a donation based site, and will cost you nothing.)

  • Eat less at chain restaurants & more at a locally owned and operated restaurant.
  • Visit the farmer’s Markets or buy groceries from a local grocer.
  • Buy a car, your coffee, beer, gifts, etc. from a local business.  Many are found in downtown areas. 
  • So all can hear, write good reviews for your favorite local business!  (This is HUGE!)
  • Tell Congress how online-only businesses are hurting your community.
  • Teach your children about the American Dream and why it’s important to do the same. 

Congratulations!  Your participation will encourage the return of economic wealth and stability to our beloved USA!


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