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Facebook buys PrivateCore to strengthen network security

Internet security has so far to go, at least some are taking steps to improve it.


Facebook said Thursday that it’s acquiring PrivateCore, a networking security startup whose founders previously held senior engineering positions at VMware and Google (s goog), for an undisclosed amount. Facebook said it will integrate PrivateCore’s security smarts into its server stack.

Facebook (s fb) has been working to secure all network traffic that gets funneled around its data centers, and one way to do so is to use PrivateCore’s vCage technology as a way to protect servers “from persistent malware, unauthorized physical access, and malicious hardware devices,” wrote Joe Sullivan, Facebook chief security officer.

The idea behind the vCage technology is that in typical private or public clouds, thousands of compute nodes are scattered across multiple regions. If just one node were to be infected or tampered with, there’s a chance that the entire cloud infrastructure could be compromised. Having vCage hooked in to the cloud infrastructure will supposedly provide a…

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Ten reasons why your business needs a digital strategy

leaning tree digital marketingMarketing is about reaching people.  Technology aids in getting that  job done.  Technology advances have led to, and continue to mark major marketing milestones.  The printing press, radio, and TV are examples of technology breakthroughs that changed marketing forever.  At their highest points, they were cutting-edge technology that ONCE HAD the capacity to reach the largest numbers of people.

By far, however, the most impactful marketing inventions included the computer, internet, high-speed cables, and software applications.  These new developments have created a fragmented market of new choices and mobility.  The mainstream adoption of digital technology allows the connection to networks and people just about anywhere, anytime they want to use it.  Today, more than 1/3 of the global population had access to the internet, and that number continues to grow.   As technology pushes forward, the world of marketing has become far more complex, and exciting at the same time.   The most important piece of advice:  “If the audience has become digital, so must the business!”

Why you need a digital marketing strategy

#1        Only the internet has the capacity to broaden reach and narrow target at the same time.

#2        Digital marketing is less expensive, easier to track, and more productive.

#3        Nothing spreads “word of mouth” faster than the internet.

#4       Without a digital tie-in, traditional media will not work like it used to.

#5        Internet offers unmatched tools, techniques and tactics to engage with customers.

#6        A relevant website, SEO and/or SEM, is what displays your business in search results.

#7       Social Media is the best way to build, retain, and reward customer relationships.

#8        Mobile Marketing, email marketing, content marketing and display are all digital.

#9        Internet platforms builds authority, legitimacy, public relations and brand perception.

#10      Without one, you will miss opportunities, become less competitive, and lose business


leaning tree gravatarAbout The Leaning Tree Marketing, llc:  The Tree was established late 2009 to offer local business many years of advertising, marketing, sales, research and promotions experience.  Today, The Leaning Tree has become an expert in branding, bridging the gap between traditional and digital while harnessing the unlimited potential of digital marketing for business success.

*For interesting statistics and research regarding the growth of the internet: www.internetworldstats.com

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